What Are Some Easy Face Painting Ideas?


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Some easy face painting ideas include superhero, princess and fairy. The simple technique involves sponging color on and outlining with black. Professionals recommend avoiding oil-based paints for face painting.

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For a simple superhero design, paint a colored mask shape around the eyes. Outline the entire mask shape in black. Outline the eyes in black and make "angry" eyebrows using a sideways "s" shape.

For an easy princess design, paint a pink crown shape on the forehead with a purple jewel in the center and three teardrop shapes at the bottom. Outline all in black. Draw black eyelashes at the corner of each eye.

For the fairy design, paint a band over the eyes with silver paint. Blend pink paint from the eyelids toward each temple. Draw a simple flower under one eye with two black swirls around the flower.

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