What Are Some Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults?

easter-egg-hunt-ideas-adults Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Easter egg hunts become appropriate for adults by changing the prizes given. Creating puzzle clues for adults and changing the time of the hunt are also options. Some neighborhoods put on Easter egg hunts for adults that raise money for the community.

To make an Easter egg hunt with an adult theme, first change the prizes. Buy plastic eggs and fill them with tickets, gift certificates or adult-themed trinkets. The eggs can be filled with IOU notes good for services or promised treats, such as a happy hour drink. Another option is to buy decorative eggs that serve as the prize. The hunt can be turned into a competition, with winners receiving prizes, such as Easter baskets, appropriate for adults. Easter egg hunts for adults can be held at dusk or even after dark to make them more challenging. For this, paint the eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint. Alternatively, buy camouflage eggs that are especially difficult to find.

Another option is to turn the hunt into a game with clues. Fill each egg with a clue that leads participants to the next one. This hunt is similar to a treasure hunt. The clues can be especially challenging, including word problems, cryptograms, riddles and scrambled phrases. The winning group or participant gets a prize. This option can also be adapted as a scavenger hunt. Set the details up with local businesses so participants must race around the neighborhood to complete the hunt.