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The Christian culture celebrates Easter to recognize Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. The Pagan culture celebrates Easter as a welcoming of the spring equinox.

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In Christianity, Easter Sunday is the official resurrection day of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion on the cross. It is the third day following his crucifixion, when Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus' body was to be laid. She found it empty, and deemed Jesus had risen. Christians celebrate Easter with church services, large feasts and singing in honor of the Son of God, who is said to have died for the sins of man.

Pagans celebrate the spring equinox with parties, cards, gifts, dying of eggs, chocolate bunnies and novelty items for a fun welcoming of the season. However, some items used in pagan celebrations can be dated back to ancient times. Chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs are two direct links to pagan beliefs of a goddess named Eostre, after whom the female hormone estrogen is named as well. The chocolate bunnies are said to have been the symbol of Eostre, and the dyed eggs are said to represent new life.

Easter holiday traditions and activities practiced today within the Christian culture can be traced back to pagan celebrations of the past.

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