What Is an Easter Bilby?


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Easter bilbies are seasonal Australian chocolate candies that are similar to Easter bunnies, only depicting the form of an animal known as a bilby rather than a rabbit. The bilby is an Australian native marsupial that is roughly the same size as a rabbit; prior to European colonization in Australia, bilbies were relatively abundant, but Europeans brought with them non-native predators and competitors such as foxes and rabbits, causing the bilby to become conservationally threatened. Conservationists encouraged the replacement of chocolate bunnies with chocolate bilbies for the Easter season as a way of bringing Australians' attention to this native animal's plight.

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What Is an Easter Bilby?
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In addition to being hunted by non-native predators and losing out on habitat to non-native rabbits, the bilby's habitat is also encroached upon by humans. Bilbies are four-legged furry creatures with soft eyes and long ears, quite similar to rabbits. However, they have a unique long snout and a long tail, which sets them apart from their furry competitors. Conservationists believe that this effort will help Australians see the rabbit for what it is in the context of the Australian ecosystem, which is a harmful invader rather than a friendly, cute animal. The bilby has many of the same physical and behavioral qualities as the rabbit, making it a suitable choice for Easter candy.

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