What Are Some Earth Day Activities for Kids?


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Depending on the age of a child, Earth Day activities include making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and seed; upcycling jars to make candle votives; and decorating old cans to hold buttons, coins or flowers. Planting flowers and trees is another way to commemorate Earth Day.

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What Are Some Earth Day Activities for Kids?
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Neighborhood cleanups are a popular Earth Day activity. Schools or community organizations typically organize cleanups, but some citizens simply go out on Earth Day on their own and do what is necessary. This type of Earth Day activity often becomes a year-round event, with many groups committing to a schedule of upkeep. Children should always have an adult with them when participating in a neighborhood cleanup.

Large items that are not biodegradable, such as tires, find use as planters. An adult retrieves the tires from hillsides and other prohibited disposal sites and places them in parks, playgrounds and neighborhood gardens. From there, children paint the tires bright, fun colors, and, with assistance from adults, fill the tires with soil and plant flowers in them.

Older children often enjoy painting small stones to accent gardens and pathways. Some enjoy decorating their bedrooms or personal spaces with the sparkly finds that nature provides.

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