How Do You Draw a Christmas Tree?

How Do You Draw a Christmas Tree?

Draw a Christmas tree by drawing a triangle for the base, adding the star, adding in the pointed branches in layers, drawing the trunk and sketching in decorations. This only takes a few minutes, and you need a piece of paper, a pencil and a pen.

  1. Draw the base of the tree

    Using the pencil, draw a triangle on the piece of paper. This is the base of your Christmas tree.

  2. Add the star

    Using the pen, draw a star on top of the triangle.

  3. Draw in the branches

    Using the base of the tree, draw in the branches with the pen by dividing the rest of the triangle up into three sections for the three layers of branches. Draw in the top layer underneath the star with two pointy branches on the sides of the triangle attached to one in the middle. In the second layer, draw two pointy branches on the sides attached to two pointy ones in the middle. On the bottom of the tree, repeat the process, but with three branches in the middle.

  4. Draw the trunk

    At the bottom of the tree, draw two vertical lines for the trunk. If you want, you can draw a pot under the trunk.

  5. Decorate the tree

    Finish by decorating the tree with bows and ornaments.