What Are Some Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies?

What Are Some Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies?

Wedding ceremonies range from religious, formal affairs to informal, civil ceremonies. Other types of wedding ceremonies include eloping, destination weddings, group weddings and same-sex ceremonies.

Religious wedding ceremonies typically take place in a church, synagogue or other religious house. However, it's also possible to engage the religious leader to come to a different location to conduct the ceremony. Couples of different faiths often choose this option, sometimes having a religious leader from both religions. For legal purposes, couples still need a civil marriage license. Civil ceremonies often take place at city hall in front of a judge.

Religious ceremonies are often formal, meaning they include bridesmaids, ushers and elaborate decorations. Informal ceremonies aren't necessary casual, but rather more intimate. The couple tends to customize the ceremony to reflect their personalities. In that vein, same-sex ceremonies are often conducted thus.

Destination weddings are those in which the couple hold the ceremony in an exotic location, quite often at the beach. These weddings tend to be smaller since guests have to travel. A cruise wedding is similar, except it takes place on a cruise ship with the captain as the officiator. Many couples also travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, as the city offers numerous chapels for all types of wedding ceremonies.

Group weddings are typically hosted by a city council or a wedding venue. In this scenario, several couples participate in the ceremony at the same time.