What Are Some Different Types of Batesville Caskets?


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Batesville Casket Company offers a wide variety of different caskets as of 2015, including metal, wood, cloth-covered and oversized caskets. The company's metal caskets are constructed from several different types of metal, including copper, bronze, steel and stainless steel.

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Batesville sells caskets in basic stainless steel and premium stainless steel, both of which come in a number of different colors and finishes. The company also produces standard steel caskets in numerous colors and finishes, which are available in 16-gauge, 18-gauge and 20-gauge thickness. Some of the colors of caskets sold by Batesville include Classic Gold, Silver Sapphire and Primrose.

In addition to burial caskets, Batesville also produces a range of cremation caskets and numerous other cremation options. This includes cremation containers, standard urns, keepsake urns and keepsake jewelry.

The company was originally founded as Batesville Coffin Company in Batesville, Indiana in the late 1800s. In 1906, casket maker John Hillenbrand purchased the company and renamed it Batesville Casket Company. Batesville was the first company to begin mass producing copper and bronze caskets, which it began doing in 1963. Batesville Casket Company is still a subsidiary of Hillenbrand, Incorporated as of 2015, and it still has its headquarters in Batesville, Indiana.

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