What Are Different Things to Write on a Thank You Note After a Funeral?

Those people who want to write a thank you note after a funeral should keep the content brief. In addition, they should choose between signing it from one person or the deceased's family.

People who want to write a thank you note after a funeral can consider several brief phrases:

  • "Thank you for your support through this hard time."
  • "Thank you for your kindness and sympathy."
  • "Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts at this time."
  • "Thank you for providing comfort to us."
  • "We would like to thank you for your kind monetary donation, it will help with the cost of ..."
  • "Thank you for your generous gift, we will be donating it to..."

In addition to choosing an appropriate phrase, the person sending the thank you note may wish to:

  • Sign it from the deceased's family or themselves. For example, "The family of Mr. Smith."
  • Send the thank you note directly to the recipient's address.
  • Include a return address on the back, just in case the recipient wishes to get in touch and they do not have the sender's contact details.
  • Ensure the card is blank or use one that features a simple design.

If there were a lot of attendees at the funeral, it is not necessary to send a thank you note to all of them. Instead, senders can choose the ones who played the most important role. In addition, it is not necessary to send one to businesses that pay their regards.