How Do You Design Your Own Funny Printable Thank-You Cards?

How Do You Design Your Own Funny Printable Thank-You Cards? allows users to design and print a variety of funny thank-you cards. Simply choose a pre-made design from the collection labeled "funny," follow the customization prompts to complete the card, print the final product, and fold it in half.

Users can narrow their search for the ideal card by choosing options from the Narrow Results By menu on the left side of the page. Once you select a card, click on the Create a Card button, and wait for the program to automatically download onto your computer. Downloading the card allows you to completely customize it, including the front, back and inside of the card, and to create an envelope if necessary.

Users can choose between a variety of fonts, decide whether or not to add a picture, add additional art to the card or add a frame to the border. In addition, you can move, delete, add, crop, re-size or rotate the images and text you select. Once your card is fully customized, you can easily save it to your computer by clicking the Save Project button. From this point, you can then print the card and fold it in half in order to create the final product.