How Do You Design a Christmas Flyer?


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To design a Christmas flyer, plan the goals of the flyer and decide on the flyer's content, information, color scheme and theme. It is helpful to use a flyer design template from a computer software program.

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In order to design a Christmas flyer:

  1. Plan the general theme and content
  2. Decide on the goal of the flyer. Include the necessary information that the flyer is providing, such as what is being promoted, where is it to be, when is it and if there is any costs or additional information. Be concise and make it easy to read. Avoid an overly busy flyer with too much information.

  3. Integrate images into the flyer
  4. Choose the photos, images, borders and color design of the flyer. Use personal photos, or choose stock images or photography from an online resource that matches the flyer's theme and content.

  5. Choose layout and text for the flyer
  6. Using a vertical orientation, choose the size of the flyer and integrate the images into the format. The images should take up most of the space while text can be overlapped. Choose a color and font that is easy to read and matches well with the images. Introduce the text over the images at reduced opacity so that image can be seen through the text. Provide all the necessary information and a catchy headline.

  7. Print, tweak and produce the flyer
  8. Print preview and test print to make sure sizes, alignments and colors produce a colorful, attractive, informative flyer that is easy to read. Redesign, rethink and redo design until desired flyer is achieved.

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