How Do You Describe the Cremation Process?


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The cremation process is the method used to burn bodies. After the bodies are burned, the remains are gone over with a powerful hand-held magnet to remove any metal, then they are ground to ash.

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As the body burns, a second column of flames is ignited in a secondary chamber in the incinerator to burn off particles and dust that accumulate in the air. These secondary flames reduce emissions, smoke and odor from the burning body. When the body is completely burned, the chamber is allowed to cool before the remains are swept into a tray using a long-handled hoe or wire-bristle broom. Metal left inside of the remains is recycled or disposed of with other biological material. The remaining ash is placed inside of a grinder or cremulator and pulverized before being poured into a plastic-lined container or urn.

The cremation chamber is a type of oven lined with heavy-duty, high-density fiber bricks that are designed to retain heat. The temperature of the chamber can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Modern incinerators are typically automated or computerized so that they can be programmed to adjust the temperature of the chamber as needed. These modern chambers use diesel fuel, natural gas or propane as a fuel source. These cremation chambers also burn hotter and are more efficient than older models that used coke and coal as fuel.

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