What Are Some Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Weddings?


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Some decoration ideas for an outdoor wedding are grapevine light balls, hanging mason jar vases, wood signs, wine barrel tables and burlap banners. Some other ideas are to make a paper crane backdrop, and to use stacked pallets or hay bales with cushions and pillows on top for seating.

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To make your own grapevine light balls, take apart grapevine wreaths from a craft store, or gather your own grapevines. Wrap the vines around an inflated beach ball, and use lengths of floral wire to secure the pieces together; keep adding vines until the ball is formed to your desired thickness. Then, deflate the beach ball, and pull it out. Wrap each ball with a strand of white mini lights. Use rope or chain to hang the light balls from trees, and run an outdoor extension cord to plug them into.

To make a paper crane backdrop, make several small paper cranes using an online video tutorial or instruction book. You can also cut out the shapes of cranes, flowers, hearts or anything you want using thick paper. String about 10 cranes or shapes along a length of fishing wire using a sewing needle. Attach several strings to a long piece of fishing line, and tie the long line between two trees.

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