What Are Some Decoration Ideas for Children's Parties?


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Some decoration ideas for children's parties include candy garlands, candy topiaries, hanging paper flowers and balloon animals. Other ideas are streamers, paper lanterns and banners.

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Many decoration ideas involve crepe paper. For instance, you can hang it as thin streamers from a door lintel to create a fun passageway or loop it along the ceiling for a classic party look. Alternately, make a fancy paper lantern by buying a simple paper lantern from a party store and gluing fringed crepe paper around its circumference.

Garlands also make good decorations for children's parties, and they're easily personalized to fit the theme of the party. Make a candy necklace trim to hang around the dessert table by threading candy necklace candies through a long piece of yarn and safety-pinning it to the tablecloth. Craft a ribbon garland by tying ribbon pieces across a long piece of ribbon and displaying it along a wall or over a door. For a baby-themed party, print out pictures of the child, and punch holes in both of the top corners. Thread a piece of ribbon through the holes.

Use balloons to decorate a party by taping five white balloons together at the tied ends and placing a yellow balloon over the center to create a balloon daisy. If you opt for an animal-themed party, glue colored paper to colored balloons to create balloon animals. For instance, cut out two triangular shapes and a large circle from light pink construction paper, and glue them to a pink balloon to make the nose and ears of a pig.

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