What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Halloween Scarecrows?


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Ideas for decorating Halloween scarecrows include creating a scarecrow with a jack-o'-lantern head or a skull-like burlap head. You can also decorate a scarecrow to look like the Grim Reaper by adding a hooded cloak and a scythe, or a classic witch with a red wig, pointed witch hat and broomstick.

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For a scarecrow with a jack-o'-lantern head, you can either use a real pumpkin you carve yourself or a plastic jack-o'-lantern. Be mindful that once you carve a fresh pumpkin, it quickly begins to rot. A plastic jack-o'-lantern that lights up creates an eerie effect. To light up a real pumpkin, use a flameless candle.

To construct a skull-like burlap head, first make a sturdy mask with two round holes for the eyes and a triangular cutout for the nose. Make the lower jaw into a separate piece that connects to the upper part of the mask so that the mouth appears to be open. Drape the burlap over the mask, pushing it into the eye and nose cutouts to create a hollowed-out effect. Using a black permanent marker, color the burlap inside the hollowed eyes and nose black. Roll small pieces of yellow construction paper to form the teeth and glue them into the hollow mouth.

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