How Do You Decorate a Wedding Arch?

To decorate a wedding arch, start by selecting enough fabric to drape gracefully around the arch, and then choose flowers that coordinate with the wedding colors. Flowers and fabric secure to the arch with floral wire to avoid permanent attachment.

Decorating a wedding arch is easy to do with flowers, fabric and other materials.

Step 1: Locate an arch

Buy or rent an arch. These might be metal, wood or even Styrofoam. Styrofoam is lighter, but metal and wood are each more sturdy.

Step 2: Choose fabric

Measure the arch and double that measurement to determine the amount of fabric needed. Since fabric is measured in yards, measure the arch with a measuring tape that gives the measurement in yards as well to avoid having to convert the measurement later. Choose fabric that drapes easily, allowing for seamless decoration of the arch. Choose coordinating fabric for bows and other details.

Step 3: Choose flowers

Whether real or silk, flowers add a splash of color to the arch. Choose colors that coordinate with the wedding colors or with the flowers used in the wedding ceremony. Attach flowers with green florist's wire. This allows the flowers to remain secure without permanently attaching to the arch.

Step 4: Look at the arch from all angles

Take a few steps back and carefully examine the arch from all angles. Add flowers to blank spots and adjust fabric draping as needed to make sure that the arch looks elegant and finished from every angle.