How Do You Decorate a Pumpkin With a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Theme?


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Decorate a pumpkin with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme by painting or carving your pumpkin to recreate a memorable character or scene from the film. Patterns and designs are available to provide inspiration.

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  1. View patterns and finished pumpkins for inspiration

    Masterpiece Pumpkins hosts an online gallery of Nightmare Before Christmas carving patterns. Its pattern gallery features designs highlighting Jack and Sally's stroll through the cemetery and Jack's classic Jack-o-lantern head. For painted pumpkin inspiration view Tally Tolbert's Jack and Sally painted pumpkin heads. .

  2. Select a pattern and collect materials

    The pattern for a carved pumpkin can be printed from many available online, or you can draw your own design onto a piece of paper. Depending on the difficulty of your selected design, a punch tool, a thin boning knife, a small paring knife or a craft knife are recommended. Acrylic paint is recommended for painted pumpkins. Assemble the appropriate paint colors and a variety of paintbrushes for detail painting and painting larger areas.

  3. Transfer your pattern onto the pumpkin

    For carved designs, a tool to punch the design into the pumpkin is recommended. With the pattern attached, punch along the lines of the pattern. You may use a permanent felt-tip marker to draw your design onto your pumpkin for carving or painting.

  4. Carve or paint your pumpkin

    During carving, begin with the larger cut-out areas first. If you are painting, paint as you would on a flat surface. Take care to step back from your design as you are working to guarantee that your design is proceeding as you like.

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