How Do You Decorate With Letters on a Wall?


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Crafted letters can be used to put together words and phrases as decorations for a wall. To bring variety and dynamism to the design, the letters can be selected from different sources, such as block print letters, neon letters, framed pictures of letters. Doing interior decorating with letters is a popular trend that has caught on with the do it yourself community.

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In addition to decorating walls by putting together words made up of various letters, it is also popular to get one letter each of the entire alphabet for showcasing on a wall as a decorative statement that stands unto itself. Another popular way that letters can be used as decorations on walls it to create captions. The letters can be used to describe something that is hung on the wall in their vicinity, such as a mounted head, a fur, a sword, a lamp or some other decorative piece.

Letters can also be used to reinforce a sense of identity. The first letter of someone's name can be used as unifying design principle. Taking the letter 'R" as an example, this letter can be hung up on the wall, included in a bookshelf or featured stereoscopically as a piece of furniture.

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