How Do You Decorate With Crepe Paper Streamers?


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Decorating with crepe paper streamers requires tape, glue, scissors, streamers and a party decor plan. Drape or tape the streamers in creative ways throughout the party room, following either a simple or elaborate party theme.

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How Do You Decorate With Crepe Paper Streamers?
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  1. Gather supplies

    Most crepe paper streamer decorations require only the basic tools, including tape or glue and scissors. Use floral wire and embroidery hoops for more intricate decorations. Instructions for specific decorative themes and techniques are available at sites such as Martha Stewart and Woman's Day.

  2. Hang streamers

    For simple decorations, hang streamers from doorways, windows or tables. Twist different colors of streamers together and tape them to the ceiling in a corner. Let them gracefully droop, then pull them up. Tape or tie them to a focal point at the center of the room. A light fixture or mantel are ideal spots on which to center the streamers.

  3. Get more elaborate

    Use streamers to decorate tablecloths. Cut out shapes, or just cut strips of streamers. Glue them to the tablecloth. Alternatively, create flowers from the crepe paper, secure with floral wire and use them to adorn tables, chairs, door frames or presents. Tie streamers to a large embroidery hoop and suspend the hoop over the party space.

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