How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree?


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Decorate a Christmas tree by hanging the lights, adding the garland and putting on the ornaments. This process takes less than one hour. You need lights, garland and ornaments.

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  1. Choose the lights

    Choose the type of lights you want to hang on your tree. There are four basic types: LED lights, globe lights, incandescent lights and bubble lights. Incandescent lights are the traditional ones, but they heat up trees, which can be a fire hazard. LED lights are cooler and do not have this problem. Globe lights are larger and have a softer flow. Bubble lights are in a tube.

  2. Hang the lights

    Wrap the lights around the branches of the tree. Use a 100-light strand for every 1 foot of tree height.

  3. Add the garland

    Add a garland by starting at the top of the tree and moving down to the base. Work the garland between branches, and do not pull it tight because this could cause the branches to bulge. Use about two strands of garland for every 1 foot of tree height.

  4. Hang the ornaments

    Hang the ornaments by starting with your favorites. Place them in the best locations. Hang the rest of the ornaments by size, starting with large and working down to small. Place the ornaments at varying depths on the branches, with some on the tips of the branches and others closer to the trunk.

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