How Do You Decorate for Christmas?

How Do You Decorate for Christmas?

Decorate for Christmas by starting in the living room with a tree, moving on to the windows and doors, decorating your bedroom, and finishing with the kitchen and dining room. The timing of this project varies according to the extent of the decorating. You need decorations, lights and a tree.

  1. Decorate the living room

    Start by finding a tree that is big enough for your living room. Place it in a corner, and decorate it. Next, decorate the mantle or fireplace with garland, stockings and candles. The mantle is a good place for poinsettia plants.

  2. Add decorative elements to windows and doors

    Trim the windows and doors with garland, a clothesline holding Christmas cards and wreaths.

  3. Make your bedroom festive

    Add a small tree with lights to your bedroom. Place Christmas sheets and a Christmas-colored quilt on your bed.

  4. Decorate the kitchen

    Dress up the kitchen by adding a Christmas village to a corner of the counters or on top of the cupboards. Put small trees or other Christmas figurines on either side of the sink.

  5. Adorn the dining room

    Place Christmas china or figurines in a living room hutch. Cover the table with a white tablecloth or runner. Place candles, a bowl of pine cones or ornaments on the table for centerpieces.