How Are Each of the Days of Passover Celebrated?

days-passover-celebrated Credit: Hanan Isachar/IWL Images/Getty Images

Passover is typically observed over a course of 8 days (though some Jewish people observe the religious holiday for only 7 days); typically, the first and last couple of days of the Passover period are the days that are reserved for ritual observance. These rituals may include the consumption of a traditional Passover seder, which is a 15-step meal that is typically consumed in a large group of family and friends. Other rituals performed on the first and/or last two of days of Passover may include lighting of special holiday candles and the consumption of blessed wine known as kiddush.

The exact activities that take place during Passover may depend on how strictly the observers practice their religion. Orthodox and other more traditionally observant Jewish people may perform a strict 8-day observance, hosting seders on the first two nights and lighting candles and having kiddush over the first and last couple of days, during which sabbath rules regarding work may also apply. These strict observers are also likely to abstain from eating bread or grain products other than unleavened matzah during the entire Passover period. Less strict observers may simply host a seder at some point during the Passover period, but may not follow other rules and practices.