What Day Is Famous for Trick-Or-Treating?


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Halloween is famous for a number of activities, including trick-or-treating in costume. Along with many contemporary Halloween traditions, trick-or-treating has roots in the ancient pagan festival of Samhain, which took place annually on Oct. 31 in what is now the United Kingdom.

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What Day Is Famous for Trick-Or-Treating?
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During the Samhain festival, villagers would dress in frightening costumes to scare away unwanted spirits. Over time, this custom - mixed with both the Christian practice of offering prayers in exchange for food and the youthful antics of performing a trick in exchange for a gift - evolved into the contemporary practice of trick-or-treating. Immigrants to the United States brought trick-or-treating with them when they settled throughout the 1800s, though the Halloween tradition did not become widely popular until after World War II.

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