What Are Some Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to a Sadie Hawkins Dance?


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Creative ways to ask a boy to a Sadie Hawkins dance, or any other event where girls do the inviting and often the paying, include writing messages on his car window, decorating his school locker or delivering a balloon which has the invitation hidden inside. A simple way to send the invitation is to take a "selfie" holding a sign asking the boy to come, then texting it to him.

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What Are Some Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to a Sadie Hawkins Dance?
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Simply Family Magazine suggests several other cute and clever ways to invite a boy to a Sadie Hawkins or "girl's choice" dance. One idea is to bake a cake and write the invitation on top in icing. Holding his sunglasses hostage and sending ransom notes until he agrees to go to the dance is another idea.

A more elaborate creative invitation involves asking a lot of friends to create a flash mob that ends with the invitation to the dance. If a live flash mob is impractical, this idea can be recorded on video, with the video delivered to the boy. Another more elaborate idea is to stage a scavenger hunt. Either each item found can add up to form the invitation, or the girl can be the answer to the final clue and deliver the invitation in person.

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