What Are Some Cute Sayings for a Baby Shower Cake?


There are thousands of cute baby shower sayings for a cake, such as "Pink or Blue, Hope Your Dreams Come True" and Rub a Dub, a Baby to Love." "Diapers and Pins, Now the Fun Begins" is cute, too. All of these are appropriate for a boy or a girl.

A funny saying that foretells sleepless nights to come for expectant parents is, "Tiny Hands and Little Feet, Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep." "Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Soon You'll have Someone to Spoil!" is another saying that appeals to expectant parents and grandparents alike.

Many cute sayings are good for themed cakes. For example, "Awaiting a New Kid on the Block" is a saying that works well with toy block designs on the cake, and "Awaiting a New Star" is a nice saying for a cake with a moon and stars theme. "A Baby is Blooming" is a fun saying for a cake with a gardening theme. A cute saying for a shower cake designed for twins is "Twins are Coming from Above, All the More for Us to Love."

A list of cute more cute baby sayings is available on Cutest-Baby-Shower-Ideas.com, where readers also share sayings and request sayings for specific themes by completing an online form.