What Are Some Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

cute-baby-shower-gift-ideas Credit: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

A couple of cute ideas for baby shower gifts are a silver spoon and fork set or a complete baby spa kit consisting of a baby bathtub filled with baby lotions, creams, washcloths, towels and a bath toy. Another idea is a tiny collegiate sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of one or both of the parents' alma maters.

New parents are often overwhelmed with gifts for the baby at one or more baby showers before the baby is born and with new arrival gifts after the baby is born. Although ideas for cute baby shower gifts are fun to brainstorm, it's important to have an awareness of the actual needs or wants of the parents-to-be. Ask whether they are registered at any particular store, and if so, consult the registry to see what purchases still need to be made. It may also be a cute idea to give a gift that is meant for use by the parents instead of the baby. A spa day, movie tickets, free babysitting or a supply of frozen meals can come in handy for new parents who may be overworked, exhausted and in sore need of a little time for themselves every now and then.