Why Does Cupid Shoot Arrows?


Often depicted with a bow and arrow, Cupid shoots arrows to stoke the flames of lust and romantic desire in his targets. Though Cupid has become a spirited, childlike figure associated with love and Valentine's Day, this character is actually a somewhat mischievous figure from Greek and Roman mythology. This figure's Greek mythological name is Eros, and he is known as Cupid in the Roman tradition.

Examples of Cupid (or Eros) using his love arrows in classical mythology include a story in which this god of love shoots a golden arrow of love at the god Apollo, making him fall madly in love with a nymph, Daphne. However, not all of Cupid's arrows made people fall in love; true to his mischievous nature, Cupid shot a lead arrow of revulsion into Daphne, causing the powerful Apollo's love to remain unrequited.