What Are Some Creative Wedding Photograph Ideas?


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Creative wedding photograph ideas include recreating the Beatles' famous Abbey Road picture, shooting a bouquet toss from behind and taking pictures in a movie theater. Photographing the bride during wedding preparations and including the family pet in the pictures are more ways to add creativity to wedding photographs.

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What Are Some Creative Wedding Photograph Ideas?
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Fans of the zombie genre may enjoy doing a "Til Death Do Us Part" photo shoot that features the bride and groom fighting off a horde of zombies. Photographers equip the bride and groom with appropriate weapons, such as crossbows or axes, and have the bridesmaids and groomsmen dress as zombies to pose in the photo. This type of photograph is ideal for an engagement or pictorial shoot.

Add special effects to customize photographs. Photo editing programs can add virtually anything to a picture, from touching up the bridal party to adding a dinosaur or tornado to the background. Couples with a sense of humor may enjoy photographs with over-the-top special effects.

Use nature and the surrounding area to enhance photographs. If it snows, photographers can have the bridal party stand in the snow and take a picture of them blowing snowflakes from their hands or having a snowball fight. If it rains, the bride and groom can hold matching umbrellas or recreate poses from "Singing in the Rain."

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