What Are Some Creative Ways to Wrap Money?


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There are endless ways to creatively wrap money including food packaging, small containers such as match boxes and handmade pillow boxes, or within unexpected containers such as tissue boxes, picture frames or balloons. Gift givers can also create bracelets, flowers, a lei, notepads and origami art out of bills and then wrap it as a gift.

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Some creative food container money wraps include using a pizza box, a candy jar or a box of chocolates. A clean pizza box can be used to shape several bills into a round pizza pie complete with crafted toppings and a catchy quote such as "You can't live on pizza alone, so here's some dough" noted inside the box. A mason or candy jar can be turned into a hidden money receptacle by placing a toilet paper roll in the center with cash tucked inside while the outside of the tube is surrounded with M&Ms or other small candies. You can also fold up bills and place them inside an empty chocolates box as a creative money gift.

Picklebums.com offers templates for pillow boxes that can be printed and folded into a nice gift box for cash. If you don't like the designs offered, use this template as a stencil by tracing and cutting out a pillow box template using a patterned paper of your choice. A match box or other small box can also be decorated and used to creatively wrap money gifts.

TheDatingDivas.com, CreatingReallyAwesomeFreeThings.com and Maitland Quitmeyer's Buzzfeed article all provide additional creative solutions for wrapping cash or making gift items out of cash.

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