What Are Some Creative Ways to Show Appreciation During Customer Service Week?

Customer service appreciation can be shown by using creative themes such as a movie star theme, patriotic theme, around the world theme, super hero theme, low cost theme or making a difference theme. Other ways to show appreciation include giving gifts and acknowledgements of hard work throughout the year.

Creative activities and tokens can be used to add fun to a customer service week theme. A super hero theme can use quizzes to determine what super hero employees are most like. A Hollywood movie star theme might encourage employees to dress as their favorite movie stars.

Appreciation can be shown for customer service employees by awarding them additional time off, monetary bonuses or gift certificates. An essay contest encourages employees to write about the things they like and feel could be improved about the company. The chosen winners receive a prize, such as a bonus or gift certificate.

An excellent way to show appreciation is to complement and encourage employees. Telling people that they are doing a great job boosts morale and encourages increased productivity.

It is also important to thank and show appreciation for customers during customer service week. This can be done by offering special deals or gifts to encourage them to continue to patronize the business.