What Are Some Creative Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Gifts?

What Are Some Creative Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Gifts?

Say thanks to a pastor by giving gifts that reflect the impact of the work on the community. Compile a list of positive things congregants have done because of the pastor's leadership, or work together with the church community to throw a surprise brunch or dinner in the pastor's honor. If finances are limited, simply give the gift of prayer.

Pass a journal around the church congregation, and ask people to list all the things they admire about the pastor or the actions the pastor has inspired them to do. An individual may also choose to write a personal letter of gratitude.

A celebratory meal is also a special treat for a pastor. Organize a potluck meal at the church and surprise the pastor after services, or rent out a banquet hall or restaurant for a meal. Ask for volunteers to make speeches, prepare photo slideshows or put on skits dedicated to the pastor.

Give the pastor useful, practical items, such as a gift card to a nice restaurant, tickets to a concert or a pound of favorite coffee.

A church member who is creative can make a painting of the building or pastor or write a framed poem about the church community.