What Are Some Creative Ideas for Murder Mystery Parties?


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Some creative ideas for a murder mystery party include performing a Clue-based game, creating an Agatha Christie-based storyline or having a Sherlock Holmes detective where party guests work to solve the mystery. Another option is to write an original murder plot and assign characters to various participants, allowing the guests to question suspects and gather clues to solve the murder.

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To throw a Clue party, choose certain rooms in your house, as the rooms from the game, such as the Study or the Ballroom. Give each guest a role in the game, such as Mrs. Peacock or Colonel Mustard. One of the hosts is the victim, and one of the guests is the murderer. Once you choose a murder weapon and a room in which the murder takes place, the party follows the same rules as the board game. The first guest to correctly guess the murderer, the weapon and the room wins the game.

To create an Agatha Christie party, assign one of her characters to each guest, with one guest playing Miss Marple. Miss Marple is responsible for gathering everyone's clues and revealing the secret at the end of the night. Serve British-inspired drinks and food. Hide clues about the murder in various parts of the venue, making the party a kind of scavenger hunt.

In a Sherlock Holmes party, designate one guest as the murderer, one as Watson and one as Sherlock. Assign the other guests as either victims or witnesses, depending on the type of murderer you choose. The designated Sherlock has to solve the case before everyone is killed by the murderer. Use props and costumes, and choose a Sherlock who is witty, funny and capable of keeping the party lively.

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