What Are Some Creative Ideas for Making Ornaments?

Some creative ideas for making ornaments are filling a clear ornament for sprinkles, making an ornament from a variety of buttons, and folding paper into an origami-inspired creation. Other ideas include melting crayons to make a swirled ornament, and making ornaments out of Scrabble pieces, CDs or wine corks.

To fill a clear ornament with sprinkles, first coat the inside of the ornament with a varnish to give the sprinkles something to stick to. Let the varnish dry for 15 minutes, and then pour in colorful candy sprinkles. To ensure the kids do not try to eat the sprinkles, glue the metal top onto the ornament to seal it.

To make an ornament from buttons, gather some old gold and silver buttons, Styrofoam balls and hot glue. Hot glue the buttons onto the ball until it is completely covered in buttons. Glue an upside-down button on the top of the Styrofoam ball, and put a string through the hole to hang the ornament.

For an ornament made from CDs, first cut the CDs into small pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Glue the pieces onto a glass ornament in a mosaic pattern until the ornament is covered. To hide the glue spots, put some colored ribbon inside the ornament.