What Are Some Creative Ideas for a Countdown to Christmas Calendar?


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One creative Christmas countdown calendar is to gather up 24 colorful toddler-sized mittens, and clip them to rope hung on the mantelpiece. Place a small, printed number piece of paper into each mitten, numbered 1 to 24, with a cute Christmas saying, a Bible verse or a motivational quote on each piece of paper.

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Another idea is to repurpose old tin cans. Smoothly cut off the top of each can, and spray paint each can red, silver, gold or green, or alternate colors. Add a numbered sticker to each from 1 to 25. Hang the cans from a rope or screw them into a colorful Christmas-decorated pallet. Put little toys, notes or candies in each day.

Make Santa Claus part of the Christmas countdown by finding or making a picture that includes Santa's hat and face but not his beard. Using the numbers 1 through 24, create a triangle shape, with the number 1 being the bottom point of the beard.

The top number line contains number 24 down to number 17. The next line has five numbers, the next two lines contain four numbers each, and the next line has numbers 3 and 2. Finally, the 1 is the point of the beard at the bottom. Have children glue cotton balls on each day to create Santa's beard.

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