What Are Some Creative Ideas for 70th Birthday Party Invitations?


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Creative ideas for 70th birthday party invitations include putting a baby photo next to a current photo of the honoree on the cover of the invitation, with the party details noted inside. Party planners can also include a timeline of the birthday celebrant's life events or achievements on the cover of the invitation, inviting guests to celebrate another milestone of this person's life.

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Birthday party invitations for a 70-year-old can also include a large number "7" and a "0" on the cover, with party details inside the curves of the numbers to highlight the age celebrated. A call to action phrase, such as "Celebrate 70 years of Jane's life," can be imprinted on the front, accompanied by photos of the birthday honoree during each decade of life.

Birthday party invitations for a 70th party can also revolve around the theme of the celebration. People can choose from an "Over the Hill" theme, with black-and-white invitations, or they can select a "retro" theme that includes neon colors and a picture of the birthday honoree wearing retro clothes at a younger age.

Other funny birthday-themed invitations include a picture of the celebrant accompanied by a "Wanted" sign or a joke about how the birthday honoree is still young at heart.

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