What Are Some Creative Decorating Ideas for Pumpkins?

What Are Some Creative Decorating Ideas for Pumpkins?

One creative decorating idea for pumpkins is to use duct tape, white paper and paint to turn the pumpkin into Frankenstein. This gives the pumpkin a creative appearance without the need to actually carve it.

Another idea is to make the pumpkins look like they are sprinkled. Use acrylic paints to paint the upper half as if it has a flavored topping, such as chocolate. Next, paint bright colors on top to give the appearance of sprinkles. Keep the bottom half of the pumpkin its natural color, or paint it in a lighter shade to more resemble an unadorned donut.

Alternatively, insert Mr. Potato Head parts inside the pumpkin to give it the appearance of being alive.

One stand-out design is to make them resemble the sugar skulls that are typically used to celebrate Mexico's Day of the Dead. All this requires is paint, inspiration and a steady painting hand. With multiple pumpkins, each one can have its own striking design.

A final creative design is to break the rules by utilizing whatever materials are available and creating custom monsters out of the pumpkins. Materials like sticky jewels, feathers and googly eyes can make each pumpkin unique, and these designs utilize materials that may already be around the house.