What Are Some Creative Birthday Ideas?


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Some creative birthday ideas include a cult classics-theme birthday party or a science fiction-theme party. Another idea is a party that combines three completely different themes, such as a pirates, nerds and hot dogs costume party.

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For a cult classics party, the celebrant's favorite cult classic film is the center of the party decor and food. The movie poster is the main inspiration for the invitations which invite guests to dress as their favorite character from the movie. Games include trivia quizzes about the movie or a costume contest. Winners receive movie-related prizes, such as a copy of the movie or a calendar.

A science fiction party is either focused on particular movie or television show, or it is a general theme incorporating various aspects of the science fiction world. Guests attend dressed as a favorite character or in general costumes, such as aliens or robots. The food served is futuristic-looking, and any cocktails or drinks are bright colors, such as appletinis or energy drink mixes. Games include scavenger hunts, costume contests or a futuristic version of a murder mystery.

A party with three unrelated themes is as creative as desired. Guests come as any one of the three themes and compete against other guests dressed in the same theme category for fun prizes. The music, food and decorations follow the themes in some way. Photo booths or areas are another way to commemorate the party, with wacky props arranged near the area.

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