How Do You Create Seating Arrangement Diagrams?


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To create seating arrangement diagrams, use a spreadsheet program and open a guest list with a numbering system that has a column of table or seat numbers. Open a new document, and format a header that includes your last name and the name of the event, such as "Smith: Reception." Open the Toolbar section, and find the drawing or shapes option. Recreate the layout of the event space, and add tables or seating sections.

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Depending on the seating layout, use rectangles, squares or circles to represent the seating section options. Type in a number at the center of each section that organizes each group of guests into a designated section during the event. Pull up the other spreadsheet document with the guest list, and begin to add names to the tables using a text tool. Place the table or section number next to the name on the original sheet as an additional reference. Use a different color for each table, and highlight exits, stages or bathrooms to coordinate section placement.

Assign family members or VIP guests first, and place them near the front of the venue. Separate guests with known disputes, and place older guests away from the stage or loud speakers. If children are invited, seat those under 10 years old with parents, and those older at a designated kids' table or section. Avoid a section designated for single people. Designate a section for vendors to sit and eat during breaks or for guests who did not RSVP.

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