How Do You Create a Retirement Party Invitation?


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To create a retirement party invitation, include a photo of the honoree and pictures of his hobbies and other favorite things. Additionally, include a humorous quotation that celebrates the event and include all of the pertinent information concerning the party.

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How Do You Create a Retirement Party Invitation?
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Featuring a photo of the guest of honor in the retirement party invitation personalizes it and acts as a fitting tribute to the individual. Include photos in which the retiree is smiling, with his family, at his favorite destination, doing what he enjoys most or is acting goofy. You can also include a caricature of the honoree, which you can create online.

Include pictures of the honoree's hobbies and favorite things, such as destinations and food items, to hint at the relaxed post-retirement life the honoree may plan to lead.

Additionally, write some humorous phrases under the pictures to highlight the fact that the individual can now focus on his favorite things without being bothered about time-bound work. Use funny retirement-related quotes to present the party invitation in a light-hearted manner. Choose quotes and phrases that suit the guest of honor's personality and avoid those that might offend him or the invitees.

Finish creating the invitation by adding the time, venue and date of the party. Create the invitation in a postcard or a folded note format, depending on the amount of space needed.

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