How Do You Create Your Own Cards for Free?


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One way to make free greeting cards is to use household supplies. Another way is to use free computer programs and print the card from home.

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To make a greeting card with household supplies, first think about whom and what the card is for. The tone of cards for children is different than the tone of adult cards. Additionally, a card for anyone may be serious, inspiring or humorous. Once this is determined, gather materials from around the house such as crayons or markers, construction paper and glue. Stickers and magazine pictures or photographs are other materials that are used to decorate homemade greeting cards.

Create the shape of the card by folding the construction paper into halves or quarters. If using an envelope, make sure the card is folded so that it fits in the envelope. The next part is to design the card with drawing materials and pictures. Some ideas for designing a card are drawing pictures that relate to the recipient, adding a poem or limerick or making it into a comic.

Next, add any desired embellishments such as stickers and stamps, then add the recipient's name to it and sign it. The card is now ready for delivery.

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