How Do You Create an Invitation Letter Using a Template?

Event organizers can create an invitation letter with a template by choosing a template design, updating and personalizing the content and delivering to intended recipients, notes the Public Affairs Office of the University of Illinois. Include all pertinent event information, including its location, date, time and purpose, as well as requested RSVP information.

To create an invitation letter using a template:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Invitation letters vary by purpose, but typically they simply explain where and when the event takes place, its purpose and who is holding the event, states the Public Affairs Office of the University of Illinois. Depending on the event, the tone may be formal or informal, and the template may be words only or it may include graphics and other design elements. Templates are available through Microsoft Word, Public Affairs offices and other sources.

  3. Update content
  4. Invitation templates feature generalized text, so event organizers should thoroughly read and update the content to meet their needs. The invitation should include important information, including the name of the invitee, the name of the host, the date, time and location of the event, directions or maps to the venue and the dress code. Organizers may also want to include parking and hotel information, if applicable, as well as the requested RSVP method.

  5. Deliver
  6. Create an invitee list and deliver through the chosen method.