How Do You Create a High School Reunion Invitation?


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Create a high school reunion invitation by deciding on the style of the reunion, choosing an invitation format that fits the style, and making sure to include the proper information and content inside the invitation. Decide if the reunion should be a formal, casual, funny or creative event by considering those set to attend.

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A high school reunion invitation contains the date, time and location of the event. Some events take place at multiple venues, but it's a good idea to give directions to the location of the first venue on the physical invitation. An invitation should also include special details about the event, such as the types of food available, the overarching theme for the event, and any other vital information of which invitees should be aware. Make dress code and RSVP information clearly visible on the invitation. If your high school class has a dedicated website or page, instruct invitees on accessing the site where they can find a digital version of the invitation.

Create a timeline by which invitations should be sent out and invitees should respond. Some people choose to create magnet invitations that can stick to an invitee's fridge to give a constant reminder of the upcoming event.

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