How Do You Create a Fun Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt?

How Do You Create a Fun Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt?

To have a successful photo scavenger hunt, scout out a location and have the right supplies on hand ahead of time. Not only is a scavenger hunt a great way to bring families together on Thanksgiving, but they also help get everyone moving after a big dinner.

  1. Pick the Location
  2. The location of the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt should be spacious enough that the game isn't too easy. While a family's backyard may be suitable, in other instances, a nearby park can work just as well.

  3. Have the right supplies ready
  4. There are several supplies that everyone will need to make the photo scavenger hunt as successful as possible. Give everyone cameras to take pictures of what they find as well as the scavenger hunt information itself. Otherwise, pencils for checking off items and a clipboard are quite helpful too.

  5. Create good hints
  6. A scavenger hunt is only as good as the hints given. Make hints somewhat easy and keep them Thanksgiving-themed. Items like leaves, corn and pumpkins are all autumnal and are probably already found around the house.

  7. Give good prizes
  8. Of course, when dealing with younger children, they will probably want an incentive for playing. Therefore, in order to keep everyone engaged, make sure to give out good prizes. It could be an extra slice of pumpkin pie or something similar.