How Do You Create a Christmas Bulletin Board?


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A Christmas bulletin board can be made using a variety of craft supplies, such as construction paper, ribbon, felt material, cotton balls and string. Depending on the artistic abilities of the creator, a Christmas bulletin board can be a simple or extremely complex design.

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There are endless ideas for Christmas bulletin boards, from fireplace scenes with Santa Claus by the mantle with a sack or toys to a winter wonderland created with construction paper lights strung across the room. The instructions below offer an easy to make, yet highly unique Christmas tree bulletin board.

  1. Create the board
  2. Create the board using a green paper background and a red trim around the entire board for a festive look.

  3. Create the tree
  4. Use two-toned paper with red and green colors or glue two sheets together to create a two-tone paper. Place the paper red side up on the green board towards the center so there is plenty of green displayed under the red paper. Cut a slit in the bottom of the paper at the center and use a pair of scissors or the blade of a knife to curl the paper outwards. The end result is a beautiful green tree in the center of the bulletin board where a special message can be displayed.

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