How Do You Create Free Candy Bar Wrappers?


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To create free candy bar wrappers, first sketch a design to scale on scratch paper, including the message you want to share. Measure the design to get an idea of spacing when designing the digital print. Open a word processing program and create a page border or margins in the page set up section that fits the candy bar to be covered.

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Once the margins are set, create a background using clip art or by inserting an image that suits the purpose of the wrapper. Fill the entire background, as long as it is not too busy. Check the sketch and measurements of the scratch paper and use the design tools in the program to create the front section of the wrapper. If unsure, start the design about an inch from the top of the margins.

Create the design for the back of the wrapper, using the sketch as a reference. Add a personal note, party or event information, pictures or anything relevant to the purpose of the wrapper. Print a test copy of the wrapper to check that the dimensions are correct, so that it fits around the candy bar with enough room to lap over for the glue. Make any needed adjustments and print the final copies, fitting two a page, if possible.

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