How Do You Create Bookmarks for Cheap Baby Shower Favors?

How Do You Create Bookmarks for Cheap Baby Shower Favors?

Bookmarks with a baby theme can be printed off at home using card stock and a color printer. Depending on how many bookmarks are needed and how the bookmarks are designed, the process can be completed in just a few hours.

  1. Choose a design

    Find a free design for the bookmarks online, or design a pattern that fits the theme of the baby shower in a photo editor. Download the design if needed.

  2. Print the bookmarks

    Print the bookmarks on the chosen card stock. For best results, use a matte finish card stock, rather than a glossy card stock, to ensure the ink doesn't smear after printing.

  3. Cut the bookmarks out

    The printer should be set to print several bookmarks on the same sheet of card stock. Use a rotary cutter or other device to ensure the cuts are even, or use very sharp scissors to cut the bookmarks out.

  4. Add tassel or laminate to each bookmark

    A tassel at the end of the bookmark can be added by using a hole punch to place a hole at the top end of the bookmark. Then tie the tassel or a piece of yarn through the hole. Laminate can be added to the bookmark using a laminator or clear crafting vinyl.