What Are Some Crafts for the Chinese New Year?


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Children can celebrate the Chinese New Year by making crafts such as red candles, Chinese paper cuts and Chinese firecrackers. Firecrackers were traditionally set off at the Chinese New Year to warn away the man-eating monster Nian. Lanterns can be made for the fifteenth and final day of the New Year, the Lantern Festival.

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Chinese paper cutting is a traditional art form where artists cut intricate designs out of paper. These paper cuts are then used to decorate homes.

Another easy craft that children can make is a Chinese firecracker. To fabricate this craft, take an empty toilet paper tube and paint it red or cover it with red construction paper. The tube can be decorated with painted Chinese symbols on the paper.

Another great craft to celebrate the Chinese New Year is a Chinese lantern. These can range from the simple to the more complicated. To make a simple Chinese lantern, the crafter needs a piece of colored construction paper or card stock, tissue paper, glue, a stapler and thread. First, the crafter needs to fold the paper in half the long way and cut lines starting from the fold and stopping 1 1/2 inches from the top of the paper. She then repeats the process every inch the length of the paper. Next, she unfolds the paper and rolls it into a cylinder so that the crease from the first fold rings the middle of the cylinder and faces inward. The two ends of the paper need to be taped together. Finally, long strips of colored tissue paper are glued to one end of the lantern.

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