What Is the Correct Etiquette in Regards to Wedding Rehearsal Dinners?


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Wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette includes inviting the proper people, deciding who is hosting and paying for the event and choosing the right venue. Rehearsal dinner etiquette says that at a minimum, the event should include the couple, the wedding party, the officiant, immediate family, parents of children in the wedding; in addition to readers and musicians, and spouses or dates of all participants.

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Anyone who has a direct or indirect part in the wedding and who was present at the rehearsal should be invited to the dinner. Out-of-town guests may be invited, but it is also acceptable to have another event for those guests.

The dinner is traditionally hosted and paid for by the groom's family. However, it is acceptable for the bride's family, the couple themselves or a combination of people to pay for the dinner. Discussing the event and the expectations surrounding it is the best way to handle this aspect of the dinner.

There is no specific etiquette about the venue or the meal itself. It can be similar to the wedding, as far as theme and formality, or it can also be a simple picnic or backyard cookout. Traditionally, the dinner is held at a venue and features a meal that is tied to the wedding, such as a Jamaican-themed meal for a couple who plans to spend their honeymoon in Jamaica, but this is not required.

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