What Are Some Corporate Gift Ideas?


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Corporate gifts, such as wine glasses, business card holders and awards, can be personalized with an employee's name, a company name or a company logo. Some corporate gifts, including USB chargers and leather portfolios, are practical, while others, such as therapy balls and silver fortune cookies, are intended to be meaningful or poignant. Other corporations opt for humorous gifts by giving products like themed paperweights, drink dispensers and small bags of treasures.

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Etched wine glasses can set the tone of sophistication while reminding employees of their value outside of work. Business card holders are convenient, especially when staff are traveling for the company, while also promoting the business. Engraved awards can include plaques, clocks, paperweights and crystal boxes.

Some organizations give employees useful materials, such as portfolios, notebooks, pens and USB chargers. While these can be enjoyed at home, they also add to employee productivity. Hinged fortune cookies can carry a personalized message, wishing an employee good luck, health and fortune, or showing appreciation for a specific accomplishment.

Paperweights may have animal or whimsical shapes or basic shapes, such as circles and rectangles. They can also reflect an employee's interest, such as a baseball diamond, or a company's product, such as a shopping cart or book.

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