What Are Some Cool Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?


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To make a sparkling spiderweb design, use acrylic paint to color a pumpkin black or white. Starting at the stem, draw a spiderweb design on the pumpkin to create guidelines. When the pumpkin dries, use a glue gun to attach rhinestones along the pattern lines. Boost the spookiness of the design by spray painting a large plastic spider and gluing it to the pumpkin. Choose a paint color that stands out at night, such as silver.

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To decorate a shimmering pumpkin with glitter, create the base color by applying metallic paint in your desired hue. Dip the bottom of the pumpkin in glitter, or wait until the paint dries and apply a glitter paint to the bottom half for a layered effect.

Stencils are useful for quickly creating decorative designs, such as flowers and mandalas. Tape a stencil to the pumpkin, and use acrylic paint in a contrasting color to make the design. Try alternating between horizontal and vertical designs.

Make an otherworldly pumpkin by decorating it with metallic leaves. Collect enough leaves to cover the bottom of the pumpkin, and spray paint them silver or another metallic color. Paint the pumpkin black, or use another metallic tone that sharply contrasts with the leaves. Starting near the middle of the gourd, hot glue a row of leaves to the pumpkin. Work downward, and glue more layers until you reach the bottom of the pumpkin.

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